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Top 7 Tempurpedic Mattress Topper 2017 Reviews

It’s hard being able to choose the best tempurpedic mattress topper considering that all the brands market themselves as “the best mattress in the world”. How would you choose the ones which really are the best? That’s why I’ve scribbled this guide here for you on 7 best product reviews reviews.

Best Tempurpedic Mattress Topper

So I won’t beat around the bush here, let’s get down to business. (Or sleeping, if you’d prefer!)

1. The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Tempur-Pedic Mattress

The TEMPUR-cloud Supreme Temper-Pedic Mattress

I bet you want a plush mattress, and you probably already own one. In that case, I also know the support isn’t that great! Plush mattresses being weak on support is an age-old, universal problem! Well not anymore! Not with the Cloud Supreme TempurPedic anyway!

Infact that’s one of the primary features which is driving the craze in the market since its launch.


  • Awesome Pressure Absorption.
  • Extremely plush. You can literally hide inside it!
  • Double Airflow Mechanism!
  • Anti-Pathogen materials keep your skin safe from microorganisms.
  • Condensed Motion transfer; meaning you can move on the mattress as much as you want without ruining the sleep of anyone else on the Mattress.
  • 20 years Warranty.


  • Except the slightly high-priced thing, it’s next to impossible not to love the Cloud Supreme Mattress.

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2. Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe Queen Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe Queen Mattresses

If mattress support and contour are what you’re seeking for, then the Rhapsody Luxe Queen is where your search ends.


  • Easy maintenance with easy to remove covers.
  • Embedded with Memory foam, hence giving you that extra plush you’ve been digging for.
  • Free installation in quite a number of US states!
  • 10-years Warranty!


  • There might be an unpleasant odor at times!
  • The warranty is valid only if you buy the “TempurPedic Spring Box”.

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3. New Tempur-Pedic Flex Prima Queen Mattress

New Tempur-Pedic Flex Prima Queen Mattress

This one is honestly one of the best pieces in this entire article, in regards to comfort, quality and support, an all rounder beyond doubt.

Here’s a detailed list of it’s superpowers:

  • Moisture absorbing sheets.
  • Dynamic support material.
  • Stretchable covers.
  • Anti-Pressure compression allows you to sink in the mattress, which kills body pain to quite an extent.
  • Anti-Pathogen materials make it totally safe!
  • Reasonable pricing!


  • The only problem you might face is its weight. It’s heavier compared to some of the other items in this list.

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4. Cloud Prima Queen Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Cloud Prima Queen Tempur-Pedic Mattress

When it comes to “premium material” there’s no beating the Cloud Prima Queen. It’s obviously “moisture resistant” but in addition to that it also boasts a stretchable over sheet!


  • Self Adapting Material:- The material which went into the making of the Cloud Prima Queen were handpicked  and hence are capable of self-adapting. Meaning, they can adapt themselves to different sleeping postures and body conditions.
  • Memory foam is a primary component which went into the making of the mattress hence guaranteeing the additional comfort.
  • Anti-Pathogens and anti-moisture materials keep it safe for you.


  • It’s stiff, which actually accounts for good support but for some people it might not be a
    plus point, although that’s just about your posture and perspective.

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5. TempurPedic Contour Collection Mattress – Grand Bed


TempurPedic Contour Collection Mattress-Grand Bed

Let me list out the primary features why I’ll go with this mattress any day of the year:- One sided look, tanned!. Well yeah that’s pretty much enough for anyone to get pulled in the aura of the Grand Bed from the first impressions itself!


  • Stylish looks.
  • Doesn’t wrinkle easily. Hence giving you a maintenance edge.
  • Engulfs the body as soon as you dive into it. So Plush mattresses? Absolutely!


  • It gets squeezed and stays that way after spending time on it. Not exactly the self-revamping bed-friend you’ve been looking for.

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6. Cloud Supreme Breeze King Mattress

Cloud Supreme Breeze King Mattress

If you’re a lone sleeper, this is the mattress you should go with. Made specifically keeping the “lone-sleeper” thing in mind.  There are quite a number of reasons why I’m stating that:-


  • Inbuilt handles for removal of the sheet and maintaining the mattress.
  • Adaptive materials adapt themselves to your body conditions like heat and moisture.
  • Stretchable covers.
  • Anti-Pathogen material keep microorganisms and pathogens away.


  • Technically, I couldn’t find a single “flaw” in the craft apart from the fact that you don’t get any warranty on online purchase of the Mattress.

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7. Tempur Pedic Tempur Flex Hybrid Supreme Queen

Tempur Pedic Tempur Flex Hybrid Supreme Queen


The two primary marketing edges with this mattress are its lightness, and looks. The shape and size give your bedroom a metro look hence grabbing some eyeballs from your neighbors!


Moisture-safe:- There won’t be any automatic moisture build up or residue after you wake up from the bed, hence making sure there isn’t a microorganism kingdom taking shape at the bottom of your mattress.

LightWeight:- It’s a great help if you’re relocating or shifting rooms. Not everyone’s a heavy-weight champion and thus moving heavy mattresses can be a mess!

No Pathogens:- The Mattress is made with anti-pathogen materials hence apart from the moisture-safe feature, there is this added health measure for you to keep you from waking up in rashes!


Pricing:- This is the only con I could come up with in this Mattress, it’s not exactly pocket friendly, and especially considering there aren’t a lot of mind-boggling features.

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Wrapping it Up

So that’s all I had as far as this list of 7 Tempurpedic Mattresses reviews is concerned.  Let me make it clear that this list wasn’t organized as a “rank-list”, so the #1 item in this list doesn’t indicate that it’s the best. So make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each item before making your decision. Although one aspect that’s absolute is, all the items in this list deserve to be here.

As long as a mattress is comfortable, with good support system and air-ventilation, I suppose it’s well and good to serve my purposes. Some might be pricey, while others cheap, but there’s a difference in their quality as well. Anyway do let me know what exactly you’re looking for in the comments section and I’ll try my best to bring to you the best possible mattress according to your needs. works in affiliation process with internet merchants. Although we do this site as best information to keep all links we used here inside is up to current date and 100% valid on a daily basis, We are not responsible for any Amazon products you ordered from our affiliate online merchants and we cannot be held any responsible for any actions you have taken of our affiliated merchants. This site receives compensation for referred sales from different products of some or all mentioned mattress topper products.

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