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Best Novaform Mattress Topper 14 Comfort & Serafina Review

Nova Form Mattress Topper is definitely a good mattress ever. This memory foam shapes itself according to the body shape and weight once you lie on it. It is comfortable and gives excellent support. A 3 inch thickness Nova Form Mattress is just right as it is neither too thin to cause discomfort nor it is too thick to peep out of your regular cover sheets.

Novaform Mattress Review

novaform mattress topperIdeally if any mattress gave one trouble sleeping it would be a nightmare to buy an expensive one all over again. They don’t come cheap. However when the mattress topper is added it does manage to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. It gives enough time to add some savings so anyone’s budget does not exceeded.. Novaform Mattress Topper does extend the mattress life.

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Novaform Gel Memory Foam 3 Inch Mattress Topper – Queen

Coming to the durability , the durability of the mattress topper deserves a thumbs up. It is durable and bears wear and tear of daily use. It slips on to the mattress with ease and it no herculean task to put on the mattress topper. Although, the size of the topper needs attention from the buyer, it is important to assess the size before you buy. Measure up your existing mattress and just check with the different sizes that are on offer.

novaform gel memory foam

The following are the sizes that are available. I am just putting it down as a reference for future buyers. Twin: 75″ x 39″, Twin XL: 80″ x 39″, Queen: 80″ x 60″, Full: 75″ x 54″, King: 80″ x 76″, Cal King: 84″ x 72”.Go ahead, size up your mattress. It is worth the trouble rather than buying the wrong size. Buying the right size is crucial. If the mattress size turns out to be bigger than the Mattress topper  it is not going to cover the entire mattress and if it turns out to be too big there is no way that you can compromise with its performance after cutting the excess mattress topper.

Check Novaform Gel Memory Foam 3 Inch Mattress Topper – Queen Amazon Customer Review


Novaform Gel Memory Foam 3 Inch Mattress Topper – Full

Some Novaform Mattress Topper comes with 100% Egyptian cotton covers and they are of high quality cotton material. This fabric is easy on the skin and is easily washable in your everyday machine. But do check out the cleaning options on the package as sometimes they can be different. These covers usually come with nanotex .It’s a kind of coating that does not allow stains to cling on as they usually do. So stains do come off easily than usual, especially for those who often tend to drop something or the other on the mattress topper. Phew!  It is kind of a big relief, as those stains on white do not look pretty.

novaform gel topperIt is built on layers that actually maybe one of the reasons as to why they are so comfortable and it feels luxurious. Many of us really worry about the topper going flat soon but Nova Form Mattress Topper holds on to its shape pretty well. What was really surprising is that it really did feel luxurious during the first use. It does make a real difference to the way your existing mattress feels under your body.

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Novaform 14 King & Queen Memory Foam Mattress [Pearl & Grande]

For all those who have some body part that kills your nights rest, it does make you feel at ease with your body supported so well and hugged to a certain extent. Even those who sleep on their side can feel their body weight being absorbed pretty well by the mattress topper. Although it may come as a surprise to many, it does absorbs and releases body heat quick enough to give a relaxed ambience for your sleep to flow without any glitches.

Skin sensitivity is a common issue for many of us and Nova Form Mattress Topper is no problem giver and it is easy on the skin as well. Many tend to worry about the mattress topper moving around at night while you sleep and folded topper killing all your zen time. Well the Nova Form Mattress Topper is stable and does not shift with the shift in weight.  The total weight of the product is not much but it is strong and sturdy for something that is that light.

Sleep master memory topper queen mattressUsually Nova Form Mattress Topper comes with a ten year warranty, Warranty can be different with product variations always check on the package for warranty details. Ten year is quite a long time for a mattress topper usually comes with an either five for a three year warranty. The price tag it holds, Nova Form Mattress Topper offers true value with every penny spent.

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Novaform 14 Serafina Pearl Gel

Various other memory foams have different density and Nova Form Mattress Topper usually comes with a density of 3.0lbs which is just right for some, however, variations of the product might have a different density than stated.

Over and all Novaform Mattress Topper is good mattress topper and it is a much cheaper option than changing your entire mattress. So do check it out.Its worth the effort. works in affiliation process with internet merchants. Although we do this site as best information to keep all links we used here inside is up to current date and 100% valid on a daily basis, We are not responsible for any Amazon products you ordered from our affiliate online merchants and we cannot be held any responsible for any actions you have taken of our affiliated merchants. This site receives compensation for referred sales from different products of some or all mentioned mattress topper products.

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